Brielle Macbeth | Studio

Brielle has to be one of the most beautiful humans. We met at her studio in north east and had an impromptu trip to the coffee shop up around the corner. after getting our caffeine fix we went back to her studio to photograph her creative process. learning about what she does and how she creates her beautiful vases was so much fun and the conversations we had were refreshing. PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out her work – there will be an upcoming event at the Northrup King Building in north east minneapolis. dozens of artists will be displaying their artwork. right now, brielle is creating an inventory so you, your mother, and brother, and sister, and friend can get christmas presents to give away or to buy for yourself to decorate your home/use. really, they are simply beautiful.

IMG_0609 IMG_0611 IMG_0613 IMG_0623 IMG_0640 IMG_0646 IMG_0675 IMG_0702 IMG_0717 IMG_0723 IMG_0735 IMG_0757 IMG_0767 IMG_0775 IMG_0794 IMG_0801 IMG_0806 IMG_0859 IMG_0885 IMG_0919 IMG_0959


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